Redefining Me time! 5

Me time.  What is me time?  As a mum of two boys I sometimes ponder this on a daily basis and although the school holidays are my favorite time with my chaps, it is also the time when I am stretched thinnest.  I learned when the boys were small that I need to have time out.  Just 10 minutes on my own in peace and hopefully quiet with a cup of tea.  There were times in the past when I was known to lock myself in the downstairs loo just to have 5 minutes without a child hanging off my apron strings!  I need to have this time each day just for my sanity and when the boys are at school it is the first ten minutes after the school run.  I come home and make a cup of tea and drink it in silence.  I do not even turn the radio on, I just enjoy the silence.

But you can not do that during the school holidays unless you are willing to get up before anyone else in the house and with an eight year old that is a very early riser it would mean getting up at 5am, which I can not manage!

So this week I have taken to running a bath and locking the door when MadDad gets home from work and letting him do the bedtime routine.


I am also well aware that Spring is hopefully on the way and my body will be more on show, so have been using this time to concentrate on looking after myself. I have peculiar skin and have reactions to SLA and parabens  so avoid those in products and one area that is really a bug bear is my eyes.

Since having my Laser Eye Surgery the area around my eyes has been really sore.  It seems that my glasses were acting as a protective barrier from all the wind, pollution and nasties around.  As soon as I stopped wearing them my eyes rebelled, which is just ironic as for the first time in 18 years you could see them clearly again!


So after numerous visits to my GP to rule out eczema and other skin issues, I finally found an eye cream that worked for me and didn’t irritate my eyes, but I am still having issues with makeup sensitivity.  A friend recommended trying Boots number No7 Lash & Brow Perfector, which is £8.50.

So tonight, I took myself off for my bath with my Eye & Brow perfector and the Vanilla Coke that I bought in Boots earlier today on my first Social Shopper insights study for Cbias.  Yes I did say Vanilla Coke, I did a happy dance when I saw it as It was and still is my favorite soft drink.


There is something really decadent in doing something for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do.  I would usually have a bath after the boys were safely tucked up in bed, but having one when it was still daylight was lovely as was laying there with the perfector on my eyes.  I have not had a reaction and they feel soft, but only regular use will tell if it works for me instead of mascara.


I think I really deserved a bath on my own after taking the two boys to Boots during the holidays, why not take a look at my Google+ Album to see how we got on.

What do you do for me time?

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