Reevoo and Kia

I bought my current car based on a recommendation from a friend and also a long test drive. For us a car is the second biggest purchase we make after our house and even more importantly for me I carry with me precious cargo (the boys) most of the time and it is essential that a car is safe and that I make sure I do my homework before purchasing one.  So for me reviews are a big part of any purchase I make and it is great to see that Kia understand that too.


Their website now contains honest and hopefully unbiased reviews from actual customers.  

In order to encourage people to submit a review they have teamed up with Reevoo to provide independently verified customer reviews.  Reviews are never edited and the bad are shown along with the good.  If a review is from a dealer or retailer Reevoo make it clear and reviews are transparent and only from verified purchasers.  Reviews are not edited or altered.  You can even ask existing owners questions about any of Kia’s cars.

Kia are helping to simplify the car buying process, making it easier for car seekers to find the best Kia vehicle for them. So whether you are in search of a new car or already a proud Kia owner, head to Kia’s website and check out the Kia reviews!

This is one of the reasons that Kia were named Car Manufacturer of the Year 2012 by Which?, the UK’s leading consumer association.

I also really like the fact that Kia offer a free 7 year (100000 mile) warranty too. 


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