Reindeer Food, Hearts and Friends 14

I am a lucky lady you know.  I have made some wonderful friends over the internet.  I am blessed to have them and wanted to say thank you for all their support during this year.
So, we make reindeer food as part of our annual christmas traditions, therefore, I made a little extra and have packaged it off to them and their little ones as a gesture of my feelings for them.
Reindeer food
I haven’t re-invented the wheel here, we basically use oats and glitter or coloured sugar.
It is dead easy to colour sugar, pop it in a plastic bag, add food colour and shake!!  We use this as we live in a rural area, but have used glitter too.
Simply mix with oats and pop in a bag and add printable label.  I had wrote the labels last year, but Amy at The Idea Room has ones you can print here 
Now things might have been quiet on the craft and sewing front on the blog, but that is due to the fact I have been busy in real life.  I have been making red hearts.
And Mother of peal button heart decorations for the big people.
And lots and lots of personalised stockings and zip bags for some wonderful little people!
It feels brilliant to make things myself, they are made full of love and from things in my stash, so I have managed to do this and not break the bank.  So Merry Christmas Friends and thank you for being there for me this year.

14 thoughts on “Reindeer Food, Hearts and Friends

  • bekimarie

    I really want to make the reindeer food but I think i've run out of energy lol. Think this may be onr to put in my book for next year.
    The gingham hearts look fab on the little tree.
    Love and ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  • Emma

    Oooh these are all scrummy,I wish my girls still believed in Santa then we could have reindeer food too..
    Oh well maybe I'll make some for me to leave out for Rudolph!!

  • bad penny

    the hens would eat up those oats – not sure how the glitter would go down – glitter eggs ?

    The trees are so very pretty and I am lucky enough to have received a red gingham heart & button one from you – Thank You !

    Great purses & stockings too !

  • dottycookie

    Today is our day for making reindeer food too, ready for tomorrow – and with the very same rhyme! Mind you, with snow on the ground I may have to go out after the littlies are in bed and scuffle it up so it looks like it's been eaten – usually it just disapears into the grass.

  • Geriatric Mummy

    That's another idea for me to store away for next year, or maybe even the year after…love it !

    Also loving the gingham hearts. that little tree looks gorgeous !


  • turtleturtleturtle

    I think we'll have to do the reindeer food when himself gets a bit older. Rudolph used to leave bits of carrot all over our living room, so food that he can have outside will save me cleaning up that mess;)

  • maria

    gosh, you have been busy! I love the red hearts and the personalised bags and stockings are really sweet. Merry Christmas to you too.

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