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We have made thumbprint cups before and they have always gone down a storm, this time we decided to do reindeer fingerprint mugs for the boys teachers and teaching assistants.

dishwasher safe kids thumbprint reindeer mugs

How to make Reindeer Thumbprint Mugs


  1. We pick up inexpensive porcelain cups from supermarkets when we see them and never pay for than £1 for each of them.
  2. porcelain paint pen
  3. porcelain paint

I try to make sure that I have baby wipes on hand or a bowl of soapy water, the paint hasnt ststained, but I dont want to take the chance!

Using a paintbrush apply a small coat of brown paint to your childs thumb, or if they are bigger they can do this themselves.

Then apply the thumb to the cup and cold and try to remove it without smudging (don’t worry if you do get a smudge you can just wipe it off and start again).

Continue to do this around all the cups and then leave 30 minutes to allow to dry.


Using red paint apply a “nose” with a paintbrush to each reindeer and again allow to dry for 30 mins before adding the antler and eyes with the porcelain paint pen.

We then followed the instructions on the paint for baking the mugs so that they are dishwasher proof. We have mugs 5 years old that are still going strong.

reindeer mugs

As the boys are getting older they are able to add the detail themselves and yes they do not look perfect, but that is half of the charm of them.

We also decided to do some tiny ornaments too, next time I would do this with acrylic paint as it would stand out more and also with bigger ornaments, but I will be looking for more baubles in the sale.  The matte ones are the most effective. I am also going to pop the year and initial on the underside and keep a couple of our tree, this would be a great thing to do each year.

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