Reinforcing Good Habits

I have blogged before that the eldest MiniMad doesn’t drink enough, so we are focusing on reinforcing good habits this week of having at least 5 drinks per day. I work on the FlyLady theory that it is one new habit a month, so we will be carrying this out for the next four weeks.

So I have drawn up a really simple chart and one any of us have a drink we draw it on there (we have left MadDad off for the weekdays as he is at work, but he doesn’t escape the weekend)

Initially I am focusing on just getting enough fluid in to both the boys and they do have a varied choice of drinks, including milk, pink, milk, hot chocolate, high juice, smoothie juice, water and fruit juice.

They both know that they are only allowed one potion of fruit juice and smoothie juice a day and that they have to use straws, as per dentists orders (this is in a bid to try and reduce any effect the acidity will have on their teeth).