Remembering ……………… 15

Grief, it is a funny old thing.    My Dad has been dead 13 years today.  Although really he died on October 17th, today was just the day that we made the decision to switch off his ventilator.  I am not one to normally dwell on dates.  I think of my Dad a lot and not just on dates that are significant.


But today was Mini’s school play and as I sat watching him, I longed with all my heart to be able to introduce my children to their GrandDad.  My Dad’s death was sudden, very unexpected and a terrible accident that was unavoidable.

My Dad is the man that had the biggest influence on my life, taught me about integrity and respect. He was the one that told me I was marrying a “good man” when MadDad asked him about us getting wed.  He also taught me how to have fun and was the life and soul of any party.  In fact him and mum could light up any dance floor and often did. He was the man that taught me that family was everything.

He never had the chance to meet my children, one of whom is named after him, but I know he would have doted on them.  He would have been delighted to see my brother grow in to the man he is today, most of which is down to him and raise a glass with his wonderful daughter in law.  Although I know he would have marvelled that his tea total (at the time) son would end up running a social club.

So tonight over dinner I am going to (yet again) regain my sons with tails of their GrandPa and then I am going to light a candle in his memory.

We are his legacy, we are his echo.