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A Remote Parental Control App for Devices that Kid's will hate!

A Remote Parental Control App for Devices that Kid’s will hate!

Yes, you read that right, a parental control app that my boys hate and this is a GOOD thing.  Really it is! Something that my children do not like and I am going to rave about it…… Want to know more?

A Remote Parental Control App for Devices that Kid's will hate!

We have been trialing Kidslox for over a month now and thought it was high time to share some more in-depth thoughts about it, rather than just our initial thoughts.

Kidslox is an innovative remote access parent control app for your kids tablets and phones (both apple and android) and you know what it really works.  We have tried a number and for us, this is the only one that came anywhere near being what we needed.

My boys are 10 and 11 now and have always managed to get past previous parental control apps and never been bothered with them.  This last month they have begged me to removed Kislox from our family iPad, which means one thing, it really works.

A Remote Parental Control App for Devices that Kid's will hate!

What kidslox can do:

App blocking – Kidslox can app block specific apps you have on the tablet.  I love this as it means as a parent, I have the choice wich apps the boys can have access too.  It isn’t a wide sweeping age lead block and leaves room for parental opinion.  Kidslox understands that I want to parent my boys and gives me that choice.

Content Blocking – This works by restricting what can be seen when browsing the internet. This means I can choose what I want the boys to see, so I can make sure they have no access to gambling sites or the App Store and definitely no access to in-app purchases.

Set schedules – Do you have specific times that you want the kids to NOT have access to their device?  Well, you can set unique daily schedules.  This is perfect for our no screen time after 6pm rule.

Turn off access remotely – This is one fo the things the boys really hate and I love.  If they are acting out or being disrespectfully then I used to have to physically remove the device from them and turn it off or hide it.  Now I can just remove access remotely and pow the device stops working for them.  Totally transformational.

Set daily time limits – This is a new feature and one we have been waiting for.  In addition to having a time when they have to come off all electronics, they also have a time limit per day and I am delighted to say that Kidslox have been listening to users and added the ability to limit use per day.  On Apple your child can access any apps and features allowed to them in Child Mode, whenever they want, but when their time’s up, Lockdown mode kicks in on the device and that’s it for the day.  They have also gone one further on android devices and you can even set Daily Limits for use of individual apps and app categories! So if you want to allow your child 2 hours total screen time for the day, but only half an hour on social networks.

So you can see why I love it and why the boys do not.  it helps me easily reinforce our screen time rules.

Kidlox is great.  it helps me enforce my parenting choices with ease and less argument.   It gives me the ability to have a conversation with the boys about why we make the choices we do with screen time and also take their opinions into it too.  That is why I like it.  It helps me parent better.  I would never be happy giving the boys a device and just allowing them free rein and access to everything and as they are getting older I actually feel stronger about the fact that I need to keep on top of this.

If you are getting the kids a tablet or phone this year then make sure you add Kidslox.  Why not try it on your kids devices?  You get a free 14 day trial.  You can download it from the App store here.

Want to see what someone with younger children through, then check out What the Readhead Said thought about Kidslox.

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