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Review – Ravensburger Science X Maxi Prehistoric Expedition

Ravensburger Science X Maxi Prehistoric Expedition

Often you get a science kit and you have to add lots of additional products to make it work. This is certainly not the case with Ravensburger Science X Maxi Prehistoric Expedition.  The only extras you need are water and distilled water.  In fact you can do most things straight out of the box.

Box Contains

Includes 1 ammonite, 1 Excavation Block, 1 Excavation Tool. 1 Thermometer, 1 Magnifying Glass, Plaster Powder, Triops Eggs, Triops Food, Triops sand, 1 Meganeura Model, 1 time line, 5 Plaster forms, 1 triops basin, 1 T-Rex model and instructions.

My boys are just like me and hate to conform, so there was no way they were going to go through the booklet in the order they should, but that wasnt an issue as the booklet has a great index and was easy to dip in and out of.

plaster fossils

Firstly, they decided that they needed to make the T-Rex skeleton and had a great time doing it.  then they decided to mix the plaster au paris and make the fossils, again not in the order in the book, but all of them at once!

We also had a go at growing the triops, which will go down as the great triops got ate by the dog experiment!

This is a great kits and the boys have already have had many hours of fun with this fabulous kit and  there is many, many hours of playability left.

The quality of the kit is second to none and I am really impressed.

We Liked:

  • Pretty much everything you need is in the kit.
  • The booklet is full of facts and can be used sequentially or you can dip in and out thanks to the great index.
  • The quality is fantastic.
  • It gives you the opportunity to take the experiments a step further.

We weren’t Keen:

  • Initially it seems expensive for a kit, but once you take in to account all that is in the box than it is good value for money.


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