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RIP Google Reader, Hello The Mad House

Just because google reader is no more (well as of July 1st) doesnt mean that you can not longer read The Mad House.  You can find me many places, so to make it easier I decided to list them all below:









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I also want to take this opportunity to say that I really value each and every comment, interaction and reader I have.  You make my day much more interesting and I can not quite imagine life withour my internet pals.  I have been blogging my whitterings for five years now and it seems like onl;y yesterday I started.  This blog hold so many precious memories that otherwise would be distant and forgotton.  This blog has made me real life fiendfs that I call on all the time.  This blog has brought my family once in a lifetime experiances and lots of things that have brought us closer as a family.

So thank you.

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