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RIP Margaret Elizabeth – my mum

Mum with Maxi (16 March 2005)

Margaret Elizabeth

26 September 1943 to 24/25 December 2010

Tragically my brother found my mum dead on Christmas morning.  It appears she died not long after talking to me on Christmas Eve at 9.45pm.  She was making a cup of tea in the kitchen to take to bed with her.

Dearest Mum

I wish I could gather my thoughts together enough to provide the words I need to say how much I am missing you already.

My heart is breaking at the thought of never speaking to you again, but I am so glad our last words were I love you and our last conversation filled with the anticipation of Christmas.

But more painful than my loss is the knowledge that my boys and niece have lost the most wonderful Gran in the whole wide world.

Now I am both you and Dad’s echo and you live on in your children and wonderful grandchildren.

We love you mum and we always will.

Mum with Mini (25/06/2006)

From a practical perspective, we will not have any idea what has or will happen until at least Wednesday.  I would really welcome some ideas on how to help the children through this, as we have told them both that Grandma’s heart stopped working and she has died, so they will not be seeing her again.  We also told then that Mummy and Daddy are sad and we have and will be crying, but it is OK to be sad and that they can ask any questions at all.


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