Rock Pool Scavenger Hunt or Rock Pool Eye Spy – Free Printable

Who doesn’t love a beach day? Well, make sure you are prepared by printing out our free rock pool scavenger hunt or rock pool eye spy. Living by the sea is one of the things that makes me so happy and growing up I loved going rock pooling. In fact, it was those days of rock pooling with my mum and my children when they were younger that inspired me to make this.

I was so lucky to grow up by the beach and to regularly go rock pooling as a child and then to also take my children too. Up until very recently we still had nets and buckets in our garage.

Hunting for treasures on the beach is a timeless simple pleasure which can be educational too.

Rock Pool Scavenger Hunt or Rock Pool Eye Spy - Free Printable. Have loads of fun on the beach by seeing what you can find in the tidal rock pools.

We’ve come up with a great way to give your exploration a little purpose and introduce an element of healthy competition. Download our free beach Rock Pool Scavenger Hunt for the children and they can tot up points as they find each item on the list.

To make it super easy you can pop the printout into a clear plastic folder or even laminate it and add some string to a couple of washable markers and either attach them to the folder or use as a necklace. Then you can reuse the printables by just wiping them clean.

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