Salt Art Fireworks 26

I have seen salt art on a lot of blogs and have really wanted to try it with the boys. With Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night on the horizon it was the perfect time to try some salt art fireworks.

Salt Firework Art


  1. Glue – PVA, Elmers or school glue
  2. Table salt
  3. Watercolour paints
  4. Droppers
  5. Black Paper

How to make Salt Firework Art

We used the glue to draw firework shapes on the back paper before covering them in salt and then shaking off the excess very gently.

salt art

We then decided on which colours we wanted our fireworks and the boys chose green, yellow and red, so we mixed up some watercolour paints with water.  Don’t worry you can also use food colouring.

The boys then used the pipettes (droppers) to place the paint on the salt  and watched as it got soaked up.  The salt almost glistens like real fireworks.

salt art fireworks

Salt art is so much fun to make, but beware, it really is more about the process of the art, as when it dries it will fall off.

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