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Salt dough jewellery

We love salt dough.  It is a brilliant art and craft material and we love creating with it.  It is not just a kids craft material and to demonstrate that we wanted to share with you our heart-shaped salt dough jewellery which is the perfect craft for preschoolers through to teens.

We used our go to salt dough recipe and the salt dough jewellery was made with half the recipe.

Salt dough jewellery

How to make Salt Dough Jewellery

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  • Salt dough
  • cookie cutters or mould
  • straws
  • Ribbon or thread
  • broach pins
  • Acyclic paint
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Sealer

Prepare the salt dough as per our previous post.  We decided to make heart-shaped salt dough jewellery and used both cookie cutters and a heart-shaped mould.

mini salt dough hearts

Roll it out (we use a silicone cooking mat) to around 3/4 cm thick.

Cut out your heart shapes using a cookie cutter

mini preparing Salt dough jewellery

Make a hole at the top using a straw which will become the hole for your thread or ribbon.

We also used the heart shaped mould to make some pendants, by pressing the dough into the mould.

mini preparing Salt dough jewellery 2

We then placed the shaped and cut dough into the oven which was set at 120 degrees centigrade, gas 1/2 or 250 fahrenheit.

After 40 minutes we removed the heart shapes from the mould and placed a small piece of metal in an n shape and pushed it into the hearts to make an eye for the ribbon or thread.

We then placed them back into the oven and cooked them for the remaining part of the three hours.

painting Salt dough jewellery

Once the salt dough had been removed and cooled the boys painted them with acrylic paint.

Salt dough jewellery brooches

We then allowed the paint to dry before the boys coated them with a glitter and modgepodge mixture and again allowing them to dry.

teddy Salt dough jewellery

Once the hearts were dry we glue brooch pins on the back of the hearts that we didn’t put holes in and then the boys raided my ribbon stash to make cords for the pendants.

Salt dough jewellery on Maxi

We have loads of other heart and valentine crafts over at Pinterest.

Visit Jen Walshaw’s profile on Pinterest.

If you are making these with older kids then you can get so much more elaborate and use icing stamps to decorate your hearts.

You can also use lace and doilies to make a beautiful imprint too.

This is the easiest salt dough recipe you'll make. You only need three ingredients plus paint to make these fabulous DIY Salt Dough Jewelry

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