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Samsung, Monkey Thieves – sponsored video

If your house is anything like mine, your fridge will often be packed to the gills.So much so, that you have to take all sorts out to get to the item you want, leaving the door open for an age which is inefficient and heats the fridge up and more than that it is rather annoying

Even worse, when ever I ask one of the boys or MadDad to get anything they always open the fridge door and stand for an age looking for it , only to respond with “I can not find it”, leaving it to me to find it and my blood boiling.

Not so with this Samsung Fridge, it is so easy to see things and get at them even a monkey can do it!

It features an Easy Slide shelf which effortlessly slides out to enable more efficient organisation and easy storing and removal of groceries, while reducing dead space deep inside.   It also features a wider and deeper Big Guard door shelf, which is perfect for storing big and tall bottles or milk, milk and more milk.  This fridge really does not have any dead space.

In the bottom mounted freezer you can even control the temperature to keeps foods fresher for longer and even better it has  No Frost Technology prevents ice buildup on the inside of the freezer wall, so I would never have to defrost the freezer again.

It is also energy efficient, the digital inverter compressor automatically adjusts in response to cooling demands making it perfect for men that can never find what they are looking for in the fridge!

This post was sponsored by Samsung