Sand and Snow and Places To Go 12

The snow and ice has virtually gone now.   I can not believe how long it has remained and that is actually laid on the sand.
I can not remember this happening in my lifetime.
Anyway enough of the snow, me and my boys have been to see The Wiggles at the cinema this morning.  MiniMad is an avid fan, who was introduced to them by my MIL.
We have booked to see them live in June on his birthday.  We took the boys last year and they had a whale of a time.  After watching him sing and dance this morning, I am so excited.  Both boys were lovely.
In fact we have had a really lovely relaxing day, we have made home made mayonnaise, pizzas and garlic dough balls.  We have done colouring and drawing and them we all sat and watched The Three Musketeers snuggled under a blanket.  A perfect lazy Sunday afternoon.
I hope you have had a good weekend too.


12 thoughts on “Sand and Snow and Places To Go

  • bekimarie

    What a perfect day you've had, I didn't realise the Wiggles were at the cinema.
    Would love to take little man to see a show but don't know if he's still a little young.

    Take care
    Beki xxx

  • geekymummy

    I love snow on the beach, and your pics are great. I lived in Aberdeen for a while, and that is the only place I have ever seen it before.

  • bad penny

    sounds like a perfect day – haven't been to the cinema for ages – would like to see the new Sherlock Holmes film. WeeMan & two friends are going to see something on Sat then back here for a sleepover as it's his birthday on Sunday. Unfortunalely we have all picked up a bug so hope we are better by then !

    The snow stayed here on the beach for ages & was really beautiful

  • Floss

    Sounds wonderful! We had a lovely visit from some friends, who were due for lunch, but, knowing that I'd not been well, announced that they would come for afternoon tea and bring their own cakes instead. I was so grateful for the way they took all the effort out of the day, and just made it a really special time together instead.

  • pinkmilkisyummy

    What a lovely day you had. We love the Wiggles in our house too, having been sent a DVD from NZ family. I've just discovered that Chris and Pui are doing a Show Me, Show Me tour – they're in our town in Feb, so we might do that. (I'd give you a link to their tour info, but can't find one, sorry.)
    I LOVE your snowy beach pics. I've never seen snow on the beach, looks fab!

  • Geriatric Mummy

    Snow on the beach is unbelievable isn't it ! If you get a mo could you let me have your dough ball recipe. Sounds yum x

  • Perfectly Happy Mum

    I love these kind of sundays, that's exactly how I envision life 🙂
    The snow on the beach looks amazing!

  • Karen

    I cannot believe those pics, and that I missed the snow on the beach!!!! I must have been into Redcar three or four times during the snow and I didn't see it!!! Also, the Tees froze at Stockton and I missed that too!! The weather has been amazing these last few weeks!

  • SnafflesMummy

    Your pics look lovely. It is very bizare seeing snow on the beach.

    Bet the little ones loved the wiggles. Snaffles is mad on them. I am less so!

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