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We are fans of spending family time together and have come to love holidays where we can take all the family including Alvin the dog.

At Half term we went to Sand le Mere on the Yorkshire coast, 2 hours away from our home on the Yorkshire coast (Hey Yorkshire is big and we live in North Yorkshire and Sand le Mere is in East Yorkshire).

Now I am going to preface this post with the fact that it was WET, very wet, it rained every day bar one when we were there and then Mini got tonsillitis, but inspite of all that we had a lovely time and I can safely say Sand le Mere got the thumbs up from us.

We stayed in a two bedroom caravan and it was great.  Perfect for all of us with a double bedroom and loo for us and a twin room for the boys.  We took Alvin’s crate and bed and he was a very happy pup.

Things to do

What to do at Sands Le Mere when you are nine (by Maxi)

  • Go in the pool – the pool at Sand Le Mere is ace
  • Go to the Park and play football – There was always load of other kids at the park and it was fun to play with them
  • Take your scooter and explore
  • Play air hockey – it was a £1, but I love air hockey
  • I enjoyed walking Alvin round the park
  • The entertainment is really fun and it runs during the day and evening
  • There is a soft play area, but I was about the biggest in it!
  • Make sure you save yourt 2p’s before you visit for the penny falls in the arcade

sand le mere

What we thought of Sand le Mere as a family:

What we loved:

  • The pool was excellent, never too busy and the boys adored it.  The lifeguard was strict, which as a mum I love.
  • The evening entertainment was ace according to the MiniMads.  it was perfectly pitched at kids and not inappropriate at all.  They even managed to get MadDad up on stage with Mini!
  • We could take ALL the family including Alvin
  • Free Wifi in the central complex
  • The onsite shop was reasonably priced
  • The beach is walkable
  • The soft play area inside is small but perfectly formed
  • The boys loved the arcades especially the tuppenny falls and air hockey.

We weren’t keen:

  • We tried out the food and I wasn’t really impressed.  It was just frozen stuff warmed up. But saying that I am pretty picky and the boys didn’t mind it at all!

 Things to do nearby:

  • The Deep
  • Fort Paull
  • Spurn point
  • Hornsea FreePort (which is doggy friendly)
  • Honsea
  • Withensea
  • RAF Holmpton
  • Burton Constable
  • East Park, Hull
  • Arctic Corsair
  • Streetlife Museum of Transport

 Disclosure: We were invited by Sand Le Mere to visit

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