Save Energy by installing the right blinds 8

One of my big things for 2016 is trying to be as energy efficient as possible.  It bugs me when we spend money that we don’t need to.  This puts money in the energy companies pockets when it could be in mine!  This is one of the reasons that I am delighted to be part of the Institute of Inertia.  We have been currently looking at working our way through the Mad House and updating inefficient products and we have recently been considering blinds.

child bedroom energy efficient blinds

According to recent research by installing  Duette® energy saving blinds, I could save up to 25% on my annual heating costs.  Yes up to a quarter of my heating bills, just by  having the right type of blinds!  That is staggering.

Went the boys were younger we installed a conservatory as a playroom and I wish I had known about Duette® blinds then.  I love that the cords can be hidden, which is so important when you have kids.  Not only that they are adjustable, so you don’t have to have them up or down, you can have them in the middle!  Which is genius when you are looking to maximize in light in the dark Northern winters, but wanting to prevent glare.

Duette kids bedroom

Ok let’s talk the science bit

Duette® blinds have a unique cell structure which is designed to trap air inside, providing valuable insulation that keeps heat in during the winter, and also cleverly keep the heat out in the summer. The way they are designed keeps up to 75% of the heat out of you property in the summer, whilst retaining 49% of your heat in your home.  So they are the perfect all year round blind.

Duette blinds

They protect you from glare without reducing too much of the light.  Perfect when you have boys that love their electronics, but a mummy that likes reading!

kids bedroom blinds

Practical and stylish

I think we all want our products and home to work efficiently and that is what Duette® blinds do.  But they are also stylish and on trend too.  I am not a fan or horizontal blinds, they remind me of badly designed 80’s offices and my horizontal blinds, although they look nicer they collect dust.

Duette® blinds also come with a black out option for kids rooms and bedrooms where you need blissful darkness and they can reduce up to 45% of outdoor noise if you have neighbors who are partial to spending time in their hot tub at 10.30 at night.  They are also perfect for sloping roofs or uniquely shaped windows.  See what I mean about wishing we had seen them when we were looking for conservatory blinds, they really are the whole package.

For me, it is all about value and if installing the right type of blind can save me money year on year, then that is a winner, especially when they are practical and look great too.

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