School shoes that last 5

Mini has pretty flat wide feet and kills shoes.  Given that, on average his  school shoes were lasting 6 weeks it has become a very expensive issue.  We have tried pretty much every make and model from supermarket own brands to Geox and keep coming back to one brand…..

rhino v geox

School shoes and Mini had me at the end of my rope.  His last school shoes a pair of Geox split when they were just over eight weeks old.  Plus it isn’t as though we do not look after our shoes.  I polish them the old fashioned way on a weekly basis and regularly protect them.  Take a look at my top tips for looking after school shoes.

School Shoes that last

So when we were contacted by Start-rite to put a pair of their Rhino’s to the test we were up to the challenge.  He has been wearing the Start-rite for eight weeks now and as you can see from above they look remarkably good, especially considering how wet it has been and the fact that Mini bikes and schools to school and plays football in the before and after school.

School Shoes that last

You can see from the wear on the tread underneath and the bumpers just how heavily he wears his shoes and just how well the Start-rite Rhino’s have coped.

I masked Mini what he thought of his Rhinos and he said

“I love them, as they are very comfortable and they are quite flexible making them easy to walk around and play in at break times”.

School shoes that last

School Shoes that last

What we love about Start-rite Rhino’s

  • They are podiatrist approved. Mini has really flat feet so has been given inserts by his podiatrist.  When we visited he said that he loved these shoes as they were really supportive for kids feet.
  • They have front bumpers.  Scooters, kicking balls and riding bikes, means that the toes of shoes take a heavy beating.  A good strong front bumper not only protects the shoes but the toes inside too.
  • The top strap has a rubber protector on.  I can not remember the amount of times that the velcro has come away from the shoe straps on previous shoes.  Not with the Start-rite Rhno’s.  I havent had to take them to the coblers or get the glue out at all.
  • They have lasted – really that says it all for me.  These shoes have been put through the mill and are still wearable and Mini will get until the end of the term out of them.  Which means they will have lasted a whole term, which hasn’t happened with his shoes for a good few years.

Let’s talk about the cost issue…

Yes, they are expensive, but when it comes down to price per wear they are great value for money.   I try not to look at the initial purchase price, but the cost per week and by buying a quality pair of shoes I am paying less over the year.

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