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My boys seem to have hollow legs they are always eating.  They both have school lunch and then we eat together as a family at six pm each evening during the week.  So I need to find them an after school snack that satisfies their hunger, but doesn’t overfill them. They also have Judo, cubs and football, so it is all about balancing their needs and wants, which isn’t easy when you are 8 and 9!

healthy after school snack inspiration

Healthy after school snack ideas


The biggest thing I have learned is that I need to make sure I have something ready for when they get in from school,  to make sure that they don;t reach for the wrong type of food.

  1. Peanut butter, banana, and nutella on brown bread
  2. Cheese, crackers and crudites
  3. Afternoon tea
  4. Fruit salad and yogurt
  5. Muffins
  6. Cereal
  7. Smoothies
  8. Breadsticks and Dip
  9. Maltloaf
  10. Dried  Fruit and nut mix
  11. Cookies and milk
  12. Toast
  13. Soup
  14. Beans or spaghetti on toast

Now I wish I was one of those Mum’s that always have things prepared, but I don’t and the boys don’t always go for what I do have.  So it is great to have some alternatives in like chips and dip and cakes.

Kates cakes thumbs up

We were recently sent some Kate’s Cakes to try and the boys have been putting them to the test.  They are  GMO free, free of artificial flavourings and preservatives and made with free range eggs.  The come in boxes of six (all individually packaged) for £1.99 and you can get them from Tesco’s.

Mini likes the Lemon Drizzle ones and Maxi’s favorites are chocolate fudge. It means that I don’t have to make a full cake and that I can have something in to serve them with a nice cup of tea after school.

The fact that there is none left two days later tells you how much the boys enjoyed them and MadDad thought they tasted great too.  They didn’t even leave me one to try!

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