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The boys have had their first week back at school this week and one of the things we are trying to do is reduce their reliance on screens and technology.  I have not thrown out all screens or even banned their use, but I have insisted on at least one screen free activity a day from the above list of prompts.

We find screen free time much harder in these dark and cold winter days.  In the summer the boys first reaction after school is to get changed and go out to play outside.

This month as part of our ambassador program Center Parcs asked us to think about our perfect day.  So we all sat down at dinner and discussed what we would like out of a day at Center Parcs and not surprisingly the main thing that came out of the discussion was more family time outside.

Both the boys would love to do something action and adventure like aerial tree trekking or a Quad Bike Safari.  I am looking forward to board games on an evening and cycling together during the days.  When the boys are not on an action and adventure kick I know we ill be in the pool and I will have to drag my water babies out as they love being in the water. I might even get time to read a book whilst they are all in the pool.  You never know!

So what would be your perfect day?

I’m a Center Parcs Family Blogger and will be visiting Whinfell village with my family. If you want to enter to win a place as a wildcard winner just go to the challenge page to find out how http://bit.ly/1gvBHBB

18 thoughts on “#ScreenFree Update and our perfect day

  • TwinsplusTwo

    What a fab idea. I’ve always found making definite alternatives works much better and is more positive than telling the kids to reduce screen time. I love your list and might well be using some of those ideas! Thanks for posting 🙂

  • Aly

    We like taking long walks out into the countryside.So a perfect day would be a warm but not hot Summer’s day, taking a packed picnic with us to walk down country lanes with a warm breeze over us.

  • Orli D

    I find I try to do the same with the boys. They got used to too much screen time over the holiday, and now getting them back to an hour a day is proving really hard… Hopefully it will get easier over time.
    It doesn’t help that my perfect day is watching TV… 😉

  • anna

    Have fun at center parcs! We like any kind of creative fun at home, painting etc. In the summer its the same thing here, come home and straight outside! But even then they quite like the creative things outdoors, paint and chalk and building things

  • jenny

    My 3 year old is constantly asking why he can’t play outside. Fingers crossed for some nice weather this weekend as we want to go geocaching!

  • Mammasaurus

    You can’t beat getting outdoors with the kids. This time of year so many people don’t like getting out there but it’s such fun! (especially if you pack hot chocolate!)

  • mummy of two

    Although we are not particularly outdoorsy people I still think a perfect day for us would be getting out and exploring somewhere new together. I hate this time of year being stuck indoors and I love the idea of the screen free activities.

  • Kerry

    I love your list of ideas and think I will be stealing some of these to do with Baba, he gets very obsessed with the TV and computer games, which we have really let slide since having Boo while we try to get into our routines, so these ideas will be great! Secretly loving that you have make a scrapbook on my birthday as well! xxx

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