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Seasonal Wreaths – A craft challenge

My front door was looking very sorry for itself after I took down and packed away the Christmas Wreath. SO I decided that I would challenge myself to make a wreath for each of the seasons this year.

My inspiration for January was a wreath I saw on Instagram by Snugglefeet.  I decided on this one as it used up things that I already had on my stash and all I needed to buy was the polystyrene ring.

It only took me an hour to make and was really fun to do too.

Spring wreath

It was very simple to make, I wrapped the ring with some fluffy wool that I had been given, It wasn’t even a full ball of wool. Then I set too making felt flowers using a rolled felt flower tutorial. I then glued on some leave shaped with my glue gun and added a piece of florist wire across the wreath and added felt bunting.  I finally glued on the flowers and a ribbon to hang it.

I really like it and am so pleased.  Next up one for valentines day and then Easter!  I would love for you to join in.

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