Second Chance Saturday 1

Let me set you the scene.  You have made plans for a family day out, booked the tickets etc and then KAPOW one of the children is struck down.  Usually with some mystery ailment.  Well I have been there many a time, the most recent a couple of weeks back, when Mini developed a high temp, sore throat and chest infection, so there was no going anywhere for us.  So he curled up in his PJ’s with a bow tie, as you do and spent the weekend talking with his teddies!

As with all things children, he got unwell very fast, but he also got better just a s quickly, so this weekend we were able to go to the Hollywood Bowl (review to follow) and have our family bowling day.

Calpol have a competition running on their facebook page – and to help explain it they challenged me to tell you our Second Chance Saturday Story in a collage of just five pictures.

So if you have ever been through what we have, then Calpol want to hear from you.  Whatever event your little one missed out on – it could’ve been a family trip to the zoo, their best friend’s swimming party or their 6th birthday party – CALPOL® want to hear about it.  So ‘enter’ to enter their story into their Second Chance Saturday competition.

Disclosure: I have been paid to tell you about this competition