Second day of Advent and Letters to Father Christmas 4

An angel came to Nazareth
A long time ago
With a message from God in Heaven above
To Mary on earth below

“God sent me here to tell you”
Said the glorious one
“That you will bear a boy child
And that child will be his son”
The first task on the advent calender was to write a letter to Father Christmas.  Both boys took this very seriously, but only want the same things.  A box of Maltesers and a marble run!!
MaxiMad decided to draw what he wanted
I wrote MiniMads letter for him – he basically dictated it to me and then he put lots of stickers on it.
Then we wrote out the envelopes.  Royal Mail will respond to as many letter as possible.
Last year I also did the Portable North Pole personalised video message for both the boys and will be doing it again this year.  Tara from Sticky Fingers posted about it yesterday and reminded me.  MaxiMad was open mouthed at it last year, I only hope that he and MiniMad enjoy it as much this year.

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4 thoughts on “Second day of Advent and Letters to Father Christmas

  • Liz (LivingwithKids)

    I love their letters – and how nice that they're both asking for such simple presents!

  • mutteringsfromthemoor

    Glad your parcel arrived. Seeing as you've sneaked a look at him, do you mind if I put a photo on my blog?

  • lifewithalittledude

    This is so sweet! I love the idea of an activity-advent calendar 🙂
    And their letters are so lovely too- i would be all too tempted to try the malteasers in the marble run!
    I sent a reply from Santa to my friend's little girl last year- decorated all christmassy- she got so excited! More than happy to do one for your boys if you like, if royal mail don't get round to it 🙂

  • TheMadHouse

    Life with a little dude, It would be great if you could, we will give Father Christmas a little while to try and respond.

    Liz – I am trying to go down the bah to commericalism route!!

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