Secret Christmas Ornament Swap 6

I am ever so excited Snaffles Mummy is hosting a Secret Christmas Ornament Swap.  I have already signed up and think that it is a wonderful idea.  Yep I love Christmas and building up traditions too.
So here are the basics:
1. Go to Snafflesmummys blog and grab the button and put it on your blog.

2. You have to spend at least £5 before postage.

3. It is a ‘secret’ swap so no reveal until you send your ornament.

4. Once you get your swap partners name and his/her blog address give her a visit and get to know him/her a little.

5. Deadline to mail your ornament is Saturday the 19th December 2009
6. Please do not sign up if you are not going to participate.

7. Once you have your ornament blog about it!!

So that’s it!! This swap is open to anyone! Deadline for participating in the swap is 28th November 2009.

How do you join? well head over to the snafflesmummys blog to find out how.

6 thoughts on “Secret Christmas Ornament Swap

  • Karen

    I saw that on your blog earlier and had a little look-see but can't really afford another £5 at the mo, if it was something to make to send on, I'd be in, maybe next year. Hope you get something lovely!

  • TheMadHouse

    Karen, I am going to make something to the value of £5, rather than purchasing something. I have most of the materials and I am sure whoever receives it will appreciate a home made one as much as a bought one

  • bad penny

    thanks for telling us about this but I've decided to give it a miss…

    I'm trying to keep presents very low key this year as it was actually fun being away last year at Christmas & keeping presents to the minimum.
    ( we did a family Secret Santa which was impossible to keep secret being that there are only four of us !! )

    Have fun with it though xx

  • SnafflesMummy

    Karen – Im sure home made decorations would be as equally appreciated. Come across and join in.

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