Sensory Heart Tic Tac Toe 24

Today’s fabulous Sensory Heart Tic Tac Toe idea is brought to you by Sara-Jayne from Keep Up with the Jones family.  Sara-Jayne is a fellow mum to boys, she has three under six and is a Junior School Teacher.  This post is part of our learning with manipulatives series.

Sensory Heart tic tac toe

Sensory Heart Tic Tac Toe

This is a really sweet and simple activity which has kept my boys occupied for quite a while!  Adding a sensory element to the standard tic tac toe game really seemed to engage them – especially as there was the chance that they might have to miss a turn.

FB Heart Sensory Craft

You will need:
At least six each of three colours of miniature erasers – this is a colour for each player, and a “miss a turn” eraser colour.
Two packets of water beads, soaked overnight to expand fully.
A container for the beads which will comfortably fit a player’s hand inside.   Allow space for some rummaging.
One square piece of felt to accommodate the size of nine of your erasers.  I laid mine out and then cut the felt to fit.

Instructions for Sensory Heart Tic Tac Toe:

Soak the beads overnight in their container.
Sensory Heart tic tac toe
Snip the tic tac toe board with sharp scissors.  I did this freehand, but you can use a light coloured chalk to mark a hashtag to cut around.
Sensory Heart Tic Tac Toe
Place the felt game board on a flat surface.
Sen sory Heart Tic Tac Toe
Drop the erasers into the beads and leave them to distribute themselves.
Decide who takes the first turn!
Sensory Heart tic tac toe

How to Play Sensory Heart Tic Tac Toe:

Take it in turns to hunt for a correct colour eraser to play with.  If it isn’t your colour, or if it’s the “miss a turn” eraser, forfeit your turn.  Three of the same coloured eraser placed in any direction wins.
 Sensory Heart tic tac toe
By using small erasers, you are encouraging your kids to use their pincer grip
I’m joining a team of bloggers in a year-long series about learning with manipulatives.  As a mum, I know that there is no better way than to learn through play and using manipulatives with kids whilst they are playing and learning means they are developing fine motor skills.
I am really looking forward to sharing and learning with you through play this series as we share creative ways to work on fine motor skills while learning.
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