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How can my baby be seven?  All of a sudden he is starting to look like the man he is going to be.  So in honor of my darling Mini, this is for you.

seven Mini

  1. You give the best cuddles in the whole wide world, they are all encompassing and frequent.  One of my favorite times of the day is that cuddle in my bed before we get up and face the day ahead.  Oftren we each say five more minutes.
  2. You have no pause button.  You do everything at full speed.
  3. You are extremely sensitive, although you often hide it under your bravado.  You care about what other people think and say.
  4. You have my temper!  It is like looking into a mirror.  I know this is something you are working hard to control, but baby it is going to be a challenge.  I know, I have been there, however, it is part of your personality.  We talk about being able to learn to read and write, so learning to control your temper will be something you can do too.  We are already starting to see results and benefits from your hard work and you are becoming calmer everyday.
  5. Your family mean everything to you.  You love us all with a passion.
  6. You are a reader.  You love fact books and sleep with your Guinness Book of Records and 2013 Football fact book.  Every morning I remove at least 4 books from your bed.
  7. You put your clothes on back to front.  When we tell you, you just shrug and say it is “your thing”!

mini seven

Happy birthday dearest boy.  I see your Grandad in you everyday and my only regret in life is that my parents are not here to see the men my boys are growing into and share in our lives.  Today we are going to celebrate with jaffa cake, rainbow cake, good friends and family.

13 thoughts on “Seven

  • TheBoyandMe

    This is such a beautiful post to your gorgeous boy. I can see he is the spitting image of you, soulful eyes! He was a gorgeous little baby, and he will make a wonderful man that I know you’ll be so proud of.

    Happy birthday Mini.

    • Jen Walshaw Post author

      TheBoyandMe » Oh thank you. He definitely is his mother’s son and also the spit of my Dad. I see glimpses of that man he is going to become. I am a blessed mama

  • Mari

    Aw 7 years old! And didn’t time fly by. I love this post. I love he doesn’t care if his clothes are back to front and I love that he has your temper…I see my terrible temper in Bessie too when I argue with her – she copies me !!!

    • Jen Walshaw Post author

      Mari » I so understand you Marie. I look at Mini and see myself and MadDad does the same with Maxi. I adore my boys, their similarities and differences. We are so blessed

  • Nannyshare

    A belated happy birthday to Mini! Very touching words. It’s nice to see your young champ at seven….best wishes to your kido, via Nannyshare.

  • Peggy

    Aww I know we really often comment on how V and Mini are similar but this is amazing how their behaviour and personality is the same. The cuddles in bed in the morning, the speed, the love and being a lot more sensitive that he wants to appear to be… I know what you mean by life not being easy when you are like that but even though it is tough to be their parent what a wonderful honour to know all their depths.
    Happy birthday late Mini xx

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