Seven……. 10

Maxi turned seven last week, how the hell did that happen I keep asking myself!  He had a great day, school, followed by bowling and then pizza and cake.


So seven facts about my seven year old………..

  1. You love being different, having slightly longer hair, wearing checked trousers, the need to conform isn’t in your genes!
  2. You are a wiz at maths and ask me to give you sums to do all the time, in  fact you idea of “fun” is a list of sums to work on!
  3. You are a very sore looser
  4. You fall asleep within minutes of your head hitting the pillow
  5. You are an early riser. 6am is a lie in for you
  6. You must have hollow legs, as filling you is impossible at the moment
  7. You always tell me you love me more than I could ever love you, but that is impossible, although I love hearing it

I have also linked this to the gallery this week (as the cake is covered in colour)