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Shape Rocket – a fab preschool activity

This build a shape rocket is a brilliant preschool activity for shape recognition, working on scissor skills and also for colour recognition. In fact, it is a really fun, simple activity that can be used lots of ways and is really inexpensive.

Shape Rocket – a fab preschool activity

I love how simple activities like this shape rocket can be adapted to the age and ability of children.  For younger children, you can precut all the shapes, but for older ones, you could make a stencil and get them to trace the shapes and cut them out.  You could also use craft foam or even felt to practice on scissor skills.

If you cut the shapes in felt then you can reuse them over and over again on a felt board without glue.


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  1. Coloured Craft Papers
  2. Pencil
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue Stick

Preparing the Shapes

If you are going this with younger children then prepare the shapes beforehand but it is great scissor practice for older children.

You can either do freehand drawing or use the template. Print and cut out the shapes from the template. Take a coloured craft paper and place a shape cut out on it; simply trace around the sides of the shape.

Use scissors to cut out the traced shapes from the coloured craft paper. Cut out the shapes in different sizes.

Shapes ready? Now it’s time for the little ones to get creative and learn!

Create a shape craft activity kit. The kit would include 3 supplies – shape cut outs of different colours and sizes, a glue stick and a few usual white papers (cut the papers into customized size if required).

Before they get started you may show them a real picture of a rocket and let them do the rest.

Meanwhile, teach them the names of the shapes and colours.

Make learning fun and crafty!

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