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Vacuum cleaners.  I have something of a love-hate relationship with them.  If you read back over the blog, we have reviewed a lot of vacuums and most of them are great, but none of them are perfect for us.  Why you ask?  Well, we have hard floors mostly downstairs with a couple of rugs and then cream carpets upstairs and lino in the bathrooms, oh and we have Alvin too.  So what did we think of the Shark Rocket Light True Pet?

Shark Rocket Light True Pet Review

First Impressions of the Shark Rocket Light True Pet

The Shark Rocket Light True Pet is a funky looking vacuum, it is what they call a handstick vacuum and it is really simple to assemble.  So much so Mini put it together on his own.  I am a HUGE fan of getting the kids to do the cleaning!  It comes with quite a lot of attachments including a hard floor head and a motorised head for the stairs – yipee!

Shark Rocket Light True Pet Review

This is a power vacuum, so much so it almost sucks up one of our rugs on high power, but it isn’t at all heavy. In fact, it weighs considerably less than our old cordless vacuum (no battery weight).  Having a cord is no issue as it is a great length and we can clean the whole of the ground floor without having to unplug it.   We LOVE the fact that the head has lights on it and they are not namby-pamby lights, no these are what Mini called full beam headlights.  So you can see where you are vacuuming.

Shark Rocket Light True Pet Review

Shark Rocket Light True Pet Review

What we liked:

  • Each and every Shark Vacuum comes with a 5-year warranty included in the price.   This would really please my in-laws whose Dyson has just broke outside of its warranty.
  • The powerful LED lights.  They are not a gimmick, they actually work and you wonder how you managed without them.
  • The Dustaway™, the specialist hard floor attachment is perfect for sweeping and polishing our wooden floors.
  • The mini motorised brush designed for pet hair is a revelation.  Perfect for the sofa and it also makes light work of the stairs too.
  • You do not need a separate handheld vacuum as the handstick vacuum transforms into a powerful hand-held one, perfect for the car, stairs and furniture.
  • I can reach the apex of the conservatory with the handstick, normally I have to get the ladders!
  • It is light enough for the kids to use but powerful enough that I do not have to redo the vacuuming once they have done it!
  • It is a really great value price at £199.
Shark Rocket Light True Pet Review

We weren’t keen:

  • It doesn’t stand up on its own, so you have to lay it down or prop it against the wall if you are pausing what you are doing.
  • At first we were concerned that the dirt cup wasn’t big enough, but it turns out that it is once you get over the fact that initially it is picking up all that your old vacuum didn’t!
Shark Rocket Light True Pet Review


I think I may have found our perfect vacuum.  Seriously, all the other ones have been given away to friends and family.  We have been using the Shark Rocket Light True Pet for over a month and today is the first time I have washed the filters and it cleaned just as well after.  it is lightweight, powerful and works on all our surfaces.  Alvin doesn’t shed, but he does bring in a lot of sand when we have been to the beach and the Shark made light work of that.  I have no issues going back to a corded cleaner.  There are no concerns over the battery not being charged, I can plug it in and go.  The fact that it is easy to use, means that no one has any issues getting it out.  Maxi knocked over a plant and went straight to get the vacuum and clean up.

Shark Rocket Light True Pet Review

Disclosure: We were sent the Shark Rocket Light True Pet for the purpose of this review and we have no intention of ever giving it back!  We have been so impressed with our Shark, that we have since upgraded to a cordless one and a Sharkwand vacuum.

Shark Rocket Light True Pet Review

8 thoughts on “Shark Rocket Light True Pet Review

  • liz Burton

    I need this in my life!! Our dog is shedding terribly at the moment and I feel like I’m constantly vacuuming and not really making any difference at all. I like that it looks so lightweight.

  • Mary Louise

    I love the look and sound of this vacum cleaner and reckon my Daughter would enjoy having a go with it too!
    Glad you have finally found a match for your floors and lets hope the Boy’s continue to use it lots!

  • The Mummy Diary

    Oh wow this looks fabulous, although we don’t have a pet I have a love hate relationship with vacuuming. I can’t have anything heavy because of my bad neck but need something with good suction, also I hate having a wire that doesn’t quite make it through a few rooms. I will have to have a further look into this one.

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