Showing our spots for Pudsey 2

Children in Need, we love it.  I love that my boys want to get involved and give to children who are in a less privileged position to them.  So when Baking Mad challenged us to make Pudsey cakes and said if we did they would donate £10 we said yes, knowing fine well that MadDad could take them to work to sell to make more money.

So last night we set to making our mad spotty cupcakes, you can find these and more cupcake recipes over at Baking Mad

What are you doing for Children in Need?

Update: My boys made £32 from the people at MadDad’s work, plus £10 from Baking Mad, which has all been donating to Children in Need.

2 thoughts on “Showing our spots for Pudsey

  • ang almond

    The boys look great – as do the cakes. Sitting here in my CIN Pudsey Teeshirt, sorry that I have no teaching work today, as I love being in school on a CIN day.
    But I have lots of [unpaid] jobs to do round the house.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I like your new Thrifty Mum blog – but my kids are too old for me to qualify, I think!

    blessings xx

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