Shrinky Dinky Do, well do you? 6

I do, remember them I mean.  Shrinky dinks the fabulous shrinking plastic, that you pop in the oven for a minute and it twists, curls and then ends up 7 times smaller.
MaxiMad was complaining that all the school book bags look the same and it is difficult to pick his out, so I decided we should make some shrinky dink name tags.  I went to our local craft store and bought a few A4 sheets and cut them into shapes.  I then wrote the boys names on the plastic and then gave them the pens to make some patterns on them.
I then use a punch to cut a hole in them (ours was star shaped) and we popped them in the oven and watched.  Before our very eyes they transformed.
A couple of ribbons later and they became name badges for bags and zip pullers for coats.  We even made a couple of autumn leaves.
A really easy and simple craft for children, we are thinking of making some for our nieces for Christmas and doing some holly shapes for Christmas tree decorations.

6 thoughts on “Shrinky Dinky Do, well do you?

  • Linda

    Oh I have never heard of these either but I am really rubbish at that sort of thing, which is a shame, your boys are very lucky (nearly said licky then) to have such a talented mum…

  • TheMadHouse

    See I am a child of the 70's and we did these wacky things then, Dotty we are obviiously around the same age.

    IM – you can get them in most good or bad craft shops

    Linda – thanks for the compliment and will take it a nd have a good old laugh

    Karen – Yep possibly, used to post as TheMadHouse, but am currently TeaMonster!!

  • Karen

    Ah yes!!! I thought as much!! I remember you lived quite close to me too, I'm not posting on there anymore, but when I did, I was 3ddonut. Sorry to hear you've been poorly, hope you're recovering well,x.

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