Shrove Tuesday, Lent and Ash Wednesday

So lets do this in order shall we…..
We used up our eggs (fresh from the butcher) and all had a wonderful evening meal with tons of pancakes. In fact it is one of my most pleasant memories from childrhood, pancake day, reinforced every year by the same routine and due to the joy that this memory brings me, I do the same with my little men
Table set for a dinner of sweet pancakes, sugar, lemon juice, raspberry sauce and golden syrup, tea cups for all and also sugar cubes and a large pot of tea.  Mum (yes me) in the kitchen on what seems to be a conveyor belt of pancake making and the men in my life eating them all.
Yep, no starter, no main, just desert.  The one day a year we could get away with it as children, a real treat something we looked forward to with sweet anticipation.  So I hope the same will come to pass with the mini’s and there is just something when your four year old tells you that you are awesome for being able to flip pancakes.
One of the things we discussed was why pancake day happens and what lent will mean for the boys.  What are we going to give up.  Well they are going to think about it and come back to us as the dinner table tonight.  I have had a long hard think about what I am going to do for lent.  Yes I could give up something physical for lent, but have decided that this year, I am going to make it harder than just giving up crisps or the like.  
his year, drum roll please…………………………………………………….

I am giving up shouting
Yes I am under no illusion that this isn’t going to be easy for me, but I want the boys to understand that denying yourself something, doesn’t have to be negative in all its connotations.  Lent means more than that to me.
Lent means more to us as a family, we got married in Lent, Maxi was born during lent and I don’t want the boys understanding of Christianity to be based on fire and brimstone’s.  I think we are less straight along the line of our beliefs.
So that is me, I am not going to be a shoutie fishwife mum over lent and hopefully we will all see a permanent change in me.  what are you giving up for lent?