Silver Anniversary Gifts

Silver is the most desired form of jewellery right now. Your wife will love the silver anniversary gift you choose from our four favourites.

It is coming up: your anniversary honouring another year of love and teamwork.  The real question is, what on earth should you get her to celebrate the special occasion?

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship, a new relationship, or an old one, silver is the most timeless gift and most desired form of jewellery money can buy.   While your 25th year together is traditionally the year of silver, this gift is timeless. Silver anniversary gifts are cherished in all seasons of love.

Today, we will be sharing our four favourite silver anniversary gifts that your significant other will be sure to love.


All cutlery is not created equal. We can guarantee that a set of real silverware will be more durable and of higher quality than your average silverware set bought for everyday use. Non-silver cutlery will last not nearly as long in comparison.

Silverware makes a great gift and is excellent to use for dinner parties, fancy meals, and special occasions. It is just what your party could be missing. Every woman must have her own set.

While sets can be expensive upfront, ranging anywhere between £80-£400, they will surely save you money in the long haul given that they last a lifetime.

However, if you understandably do not want to commit to buying an entire set, an equally great gift can also be couple’s engraved spoons. In fact, a single, individualised piece can be just as special as an entire new box of silverware.

You can even purchase your spoons engraved with a customised message. Perhaps with your anniversary date (make sure you engrave the correct date!) or your names or your signature catchphrase together, this will make the gift even more special.

Silverware sets or individual pieces make great anniversary gifts and their durability will be a constant reminder of your love for one another.

beautiful dark silver pendant with chain and gems

Rings and pendants

Before delving into silver rings, you will want to make sure your significant other prefers silver over gold. You don’t want to buy her a ring that she will never wear!

That being said, consulting her friends and loved ones before making the purchase is never a bad idea. Then you can make sure you have a good grasp on her individual style and jewellery needs.

That said, there are two types of silver rings: the everyday ring and the engagement ring.

The engagement ring: 

Perhaps you are looking to renew your vows. Perhaps your rings need to be “upgraded.” Getting a new engagement ring is not unheard of and makes an excellent silver anniversary gift.

If you are celebrating 25 years, a new silver ring can be a way to bring the memories flooding back to you both. Memories of when you were first engaged and were dropping down on one knee or shared your first dance as husband and wife.

Plus, if you have shopped for her ring before, surely you’ll be even better at it this time around!

When it comes to the diamond, remember the 4Cs: cut, carat (karat), clarity, and colour and when it comes to the silver, know your type.

Everyday rings and pendants:

You can also buy a simpler, everyday ring or even a pendant.

When pendant shopping, know that there are many different types of silver you can choose from- Fine silver, Sterling silver, Argentium silver, Silver Plate or German silver. Each shines a little differently from the next and each has its own advantages and drawbacks.


Some women are more necklace lovers than ring lovers. In that case, a silver necklace makes the perfect gift for your anniversary occasion.

However, before going into shopping mode, make sure you guard yourself against making the common mistakes.

Know her style and pay close attention to what she wears on a daily basis. The worst thing you can do is to splurge on a silver necklace only to have her never wear it!

Not all necklaces fit the same. Pay attention to size, style, tint, and length. Don’t worry if you don’t have a specific idea. Asking a professional for help is the best thing you can do!

At the end of the day, any piece of a jewellery that a man gives his girlfriend (or wife) is going to be appreciated.

Necklaces are a great gift that work around every budget. You are sure to find a silver necklace suitable for the tastes of your girl.

One big tip: don’t gift your necklace in a ring box, that will surely lead to some disappointment!

Picture Frame:

People often underestimate the simplicity and deep meaning that goes behind a picture frame.

A silver picture frame is a great combination between the old and the new. What’s better than being able to reminisce on old memories of your relationship’s past, while keeping it in a new frame?

You can buy her a traditional frame or better yet, a digital frame which will display albums of photos, rather than just the one.

In addition, silver frames can be customised to your individuality, which makes the gift even more special. Engrave it with your anniversary date, your signature phrase, or a cute message and it will be sure to put a smile on her face.

A picture frame is like a time capsule of your time together. It is a simple, yet perfect silver anniversary gift for your loved one.

Happy shopping!

If you thought it was hard to think of a silver gift to buy, we hope that some of these ideas have inspired you to go out confidently in search of the perfect silver anniversary gift. If you still need more inspiration, sites like have a wealth of ideas and information to help you make your gift extra special.

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Happy Anniversary!