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Simple Acts of Kindness for Kids Perfect for Lockdown

The world certainly needs more kindness at the moment so these simple acts of kindness for kids are perfect for whilst we are in lockdown, but also for other times too.

Simple Acts of Kindness for Kids Perfect for Lockdown

Sometimes we just need to reach out to people and I know that during lockdown I am really missing human contact and that the small things make the most difference. We have a fab post with over 100 acts of kindness for kids here, but below this list is perfect for lockdown and minimal contact.

Simple Acts of Kindness for Kids Perfect for Lockdown

With a lot of children spending more time at home using acts of kindness for kids is a great way for them to connect with their peers and spread some joy and happiness.

We have kept things simple and tried to focus on easy to perform acts that will not put anyone at risk.

Simple Acts of Kindness for Kids Perfect for Lockdown

  1. Send a card to someone who you are missing.
  2. Send a Thank You card to someone who deserves it.
  3. Leave a note and or card for your delivery drivers, bin men or postie.
  4. Send a nice text to a friend.
  5. Be kind to animals by feeding the birds in your back garden 
  6. Give a parent a big hug out of the blue.
  7. Donate unwanted toys. During the lockdown, why not leave them outside with a handmade sign to say that they’re free.
  8. Ring or video call a friend and tell them a joke.
  9. Arrange to watch the same film as a friend and video call them at the same time.
  10. Say thank you – try and remember your manners and say thank you
  11. Leave encouraging messages to on your pavement using chalk.
  12. Do a Loving Kindness Meditation (see below).
  13. Paint a rock with a kind message and leave it for someone to find.
Kindness Activities for children

One of the great things about kindness is that a byproduct of being kind to others is experiencing the kindness yourself.

One of my oldest Blogging mates, Becky Goddard-Hill has a new book out Create Your Own Kindness which is full of simple, practical ideas to help spread kindness and fun activities for children that can be done on their own or with friends and family.

Create your own kindness

The following activity from Create Your Own Kindness is all about sending love to ourselves and other people and filling ourselves up with warm and positive thoughts.

No act of kindness

Lots of studies have been done on loving-kindness meditations and it had been shown to have a HUGE amount of benefits: increased love, joy, contentment, gratitude, pride, hope, interest, amusement, and awe. It improves emotional intelligence, helps with illness and relieves stress! It helps you feel connected to each other and kinder towards yourself.

It works instantly but also has long terms effects

A loving-kindness meditation for children

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and place your hand on your heart.

Imagine someone you love smiling at you. Take in what they are wearing, how their eyes crinkle and what their smile looks like. Say to them …

May you be happy

May you be well

May you feel peace

Feel your heart beat nice and steadily and imagine it filling up with warmth and love. 

Then, it’s time to send your self loving-kindness, so keep your hand on your heart and  say to yourself …

May I be happy

May I be well

May I feel peace

When you get really comfortable with doing this you could try sending out these good thoughts to the whole universe – or even to someone you don’t get on too well with. It might make all the difference and open your heart.

You could even say your wishes to a friend or a family member and have them say them back to you.

Creating your own kindness… by having kind thoughts

Why not try one of our simple acts of kindness for kids? There is something for children of all ages - to teach them the importance of kindness, especially at a time like this

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