Simple Carrot Easter Wreath 1

I’m also excited for Easter and springtime decorating and I kept seeing those cute little glitter carrots at the supermarket so decided to make a simple carrot Easter wreath as we all know the Easter Bunny loves glitter carrots.

I am delight at how it turned out. It is super lightweight, so not great for outside doors as it will blow away, but perfect for indoor decorating.

Simple DIY Easter Carrot Wreath.  This inexpensive seasonal wreath is easy to make and inexpensive too.

Simple Easter Carrot Wreath


  • Wreath form
  • Gitter Carrots
  • Glue Gun
  • Ribbon

How to Make a Simple Carrot Easter Wreath

Make sure your wreath form is the right size o be able to glue the carrots on on both of the rings.

Start by adding a small amount of glue on each of the rings and sticking on carrots. Do a small amount at a time.

Continue gluing until you have filled the wreath.

Make sure you place a piece of scrap paper over your work area to prevent damage from glue.

I had enough carrots left and decided that I wanted a second layer, so I just continued around.

Then attach your ribbon at the rear by threading it through the wire and tying it.

Make a Easter Carrot wreath with this easy to follow tutorial using glitter carrots.

I love how it turned out – simple but effective and it looks great against a white door.

For less than £15 you can make a fabulous create this fun and unique carrot Easter wreath This will lead the bunny directly to your house!