Simple Daffodil Craft for Kids 1

This simple daffodil craft for kids is certainly going to brighten up your home or classroom this Spring. I love making flowers with kids as each flower is unique in nature and I love seeing the flowers that children make. Plus I am a sucker for receiving a bunch of homemade flowers.  They are the perfect gift.
Welcome spring (or St David’s Day) with this pretty bunch of handmade daffodils – an easy craft for kids of all ages

Simple Daffodil Craft for Kids

Simple Daffodil Craft for Kids
  • White cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • Glue stick
  • Regular glue
  • Green washable paint
  • Sponge or brush for painting
  • Yellow marker or dot marker
  • White cupcake liners
  • Yellow tissue paper

 How to make Simple Daffodil Craft for Kids

 Simple Daffodil Craft for Kids
Start by tracing your flower petals around your cupcake liner, then cut out of white cardstock.
Next, use your yellow marker to colour the cake liner yellow.
Simple Daffodil Craft for Kids
Then, paint a jumbo craft stick green, and set aside to dry.
Cut out lots of 1-2 inch squares or rectangles from your tissue paper, and cut more as needed. Alternatively just let the kids tear up the tissue paper.
Simple Daffodil Craft for Kids
Using regular glue, glue your yellow cupcake liner to the middle of your paper flower shape and hold for a few seconds.
Then, use your glue stick to attach crumpled pieces of tissue paper to make flower petals.
Finish by glueing your flower to the green craft stick.
Simple Daffodil Craft for Kids
I adore how hands on this simple daffodil craft is and the resulting flowers are so bright and beautiful too.