Simple drawing and art – Something for the weekend 35

simple drawing

This week has been filled with a nasty vomiting bug, which has really taken us back to basics in The Mad House.  We have done a lot of reading, watching movies and simple art and drawing.  So I decided to concentrate on that for this week’s something for the weekend.  We received an amazing gift pack from Australian company Smiggle, who have just opened up a store at Westfield and it included a fantastic scratch book, which is what inspired this weeks activity, make your own scratch paper.

make your own scratch paper

Make your own scratch paper


  • Paper
  • Crayons or oil pastels
  • Black tempura paint
  • Washing up liquid
  • Foam applicator (you could use a paint brush)


  • We all had so much fun colouring in our sheets of paper with crayons, making sure they were as colourful as possible.
  • We then mixed the black paint with a good squirt of washing up liquid and used the sponge applicator to color the crayon.
  • We applied a second coat on some of the sheets when the first one dried and then the sheets were ready to be used.

Childhood 101 has a great post about making scratch art with oil pastels, which is the way we used to make it when I was younger.

Other Drawing Activities and Games

PicMonkey Collage


Drawing can be a wonderful open ending art activity.  It doesn’t need lots of materials and it not messy at all, just look at how inviting this invitation to draw is.   When the boys were smaller I would use masking tape to fix paper to the table and also to give their drawings a boarder.   I adore this idea with drawing cards and Artchoo has some fab drawing games for kids on her site.

You can draw almost anywhere and adore this idea from Tinkerlab about drawing under a table  and also you don’t have to just use paper, you can make comics on the ipad, colour on perspex, mirrors, photographs or windows and even the pavement or sidewalk.

Books about Drawing

One of the things that has always stuck with me is that you should never ask a child “what is that?” when they have done a drawing or picture as this implies that it doesn’t look as it should! Instead, ask them to tell you about there drawing.  I have always encouraged the boys to just draw and doodle and say that things do not have to look like photographs and below are some of the books that we have in our home.

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