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Simple, Easy and Inexpensive Self Care Ideas

Me time, self care, self love or whatever you call it is so important. I am regularly reminded by my dear husband that you can not pour from an empty cup and that rituals that support our emotional, mental, and social health are key. These do not have to be expensive or convoluted, in fact, some of the most effective for me are simple, easy and inexpensive.

Last month I started #GuiltFreeMe to try and deal with the guilt. to learn how to establish a life without guilt being the strongest emotion and to set up some healthy habits that will benefit my family and me. This lead me to find some fabulous ways to nurture myself in order to replenish my resources and I thought I would share them with you.

Self Care Ideas

There is no right or wrong way to look after yourself and there certainly isn’t a one size fits all solution. Some people adore spa days and mani/pedi’s whereas I hate being touched and would rather spend some time on a walk with the dog and someone I love giggling. Also, this list is for ideas that are low cost or even better no additional cost!

  • Read for pleasure for 30 minutes before going to sleep.
  • Use a meditation or mindfulness app each day.
  • Spend 15 minutes dancing to uplifting music.
  • Have a bath and lock the door.
  • Sort out your wardrobe and get rid of clothes you don’t love or are the wrong size.
  • Have a pamper evening – rather than spend money use what you have or even better invite a friend round and paint each other’s nails and pamper each other.
  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Reorganize your workspace, getting rid of clutter. Research shows that this helps to declutter your mind too.
  • Turn off the WiFi for an hour.
  • Walk your dog or offer to walk someone else’s dog. Research shows that interaction with animals is good for you.
  • Change the bed and go to bed 20 mins early.
  • Watch a movie that makes you laugh.
  • Go to bed early and make sure you get at least a full 8 hours of sleep.
  • Do a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Sing like no one is listening or even joining a choir.
  • Spend time with someone you love – someone who makes you feel protected and inspired.
  • Take a hot shower and live in the moment Focus on noticing how the water feels, the soap smells and afterwards slowly put moisturiser all over your body. I really love using an essential oil product during a shower just so I can beeth in the healing properties of the oils. You can make your own and is fun too.
  • Write a letter.
  • Watch funny or cute animal videos on YouTube.
  • Light a candle you have been saving for best and enjoy it.
  • Keep your hands busy with a repetitive activity like knitting, sewing or solving a puzzle. I am also a fan of Solitaire Bliss which is an online solitaire for when I don’t have a pack of cards.
  • Try some Yoga – there are some great YouTube videos.
  • Try a new hobby – what about learning to draw or birdwatching.
  • Make a cup of your favourite warm drink it in silence enjoying every moment.
  • Eat a square of dark chocolate, which is proven to lower the levels of certain stress hormones.
  • Do some creative writing. Try a poem or think of a starting point and just write for ten minutes with no preconceived endpoint.
  • Take back up an old hobby you felt you hadn’t had time for.
  • Play a board game.
  • Take up colouring – adult colouring is good therapy. I have loads of free adult colouring pages here.
  • Clean up (even one small corner of a room in your house). Tidying up can help calm our minds.

Some of the things I do to support my emotional, mental, and social health that are low cost do not seem traditionally to be part of self care but they really improve the quality of my life and I find they really make things so much better in the long run.

  • Prepare a weekly or monthly meal plan and shopping list.
  • Make the bed each morning and open all the curtains.
  • Make sure that the sink is empty and the dishes are away before going to bed.
  • Be up to date on my financial budget and planning. Knowing how to budget and keep track of your money reduces so much stress.
  • Having a cleaning and tidying routine. I find mess and clutter really distracting and effects my mental status, so having a schedule and keeping on top of it really helps me.
Inexpensive self care ideas. These rituals that support our emotional, mental, and social health are realistic, affordable and simple.

For me, self care is about not heaping more must do things to my list but taking time out to do things that make me happy. It is about not trying to always be busy and enjoying the quiet moments.

What do you do for self care? Is there anything you would add to the list? Leave me a comment and I will add it.

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