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Simple Kids Birthday Cake

We were challenged by Stork to bake a simple kids birthday cake devised by Ruth from The Pink Whisk.  Well, it was perfect timing as my best friends youngest was about to turn four.

birthday cake.

Did you know that 44% of parents spend two and a half working days baking their children’s birthday cake (between 10 and 20 hours every year)!  I am going to admit that I didn’t even bake my boys cakes until they were three.  We just bought cheap supermarket ones!

kids birthday cake

One in 10 parents bake well after midnight to make their child’s birthday cake – this I can understand as often we want the cake to be a surprise, so we do it once they are asleep.

We are fans of keeping things super simple here and I adore that Ruth’s cakes are so achievable.  We decided to try her all in one chocolate cake (Although Mini loves a vanilla sponge) recipe.  There is no need to cream the Stork and sugar, just pop it all in the mixer.  This was such a simple recipe that Mini did it all himself, all I did was put it in the cake tin and bake it.

icing the cake

We also love using chocolate fingers to cover cakes, they are perfect for hiding any imperfections.  Instead of covering the top of our cake with chocolate shavings, we covered it with smarties as the birthday boy had requested a colorful cake for his special birthday (when you are nearly four, you have the right to put in requests)!

adding the fingers


cake licking

Mini and his best friend had fun licking out the bowl – cooks prerogative!

super simple kids birthday cake

In total this cake took 25 mins to prep and decorate and 50 minutes cooking time.

Simple Kids Birthday Cake

simple birthday cake

Trust me it is a really great cake to make and the chocolate fingers mean that you do not have to be a whizz with icing!

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