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Simple Paper Leaf Garland with Free Printable Leaves

This paper leaf garland is easy peasy to make, so much so that it is almost embarrassing to do a tutorial for it! I love making simple seasonal decorations and this Simple Paper Leaf Garland is the perfect companion to our paper leaf wreath which was hung on my front door and I used the same free printable leaves templates and paper. It really does make a super fall garland for the mantel  (or should that be mantle?) with the oranges, reds and mustard coloured leaves.

When I say me, I really mean we. Over the weekend Cass popped over and whilst we were putting the world to rights with a hot chocolate we were looking around my craft room and she spotted the leftover leaves from my Autumn paper Leaf Wreath and wanted to make something with them, so we decided to make a super simple paper leaf garland which is a great addition to our current Autumn decor.

Make a beautiful seasonal paper leaf garland perfect for Autumn with our free leaf printable and instructions.


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How to Make a Simple Paper Leaf Garland with Printable Leaves

I used my Cricut Maker to cut out the leaves, but I have also provided you with templates so you can use scissors or a craft knife to cut out the leaves for your fall garland.

If cutting the leaves by hand, fold a strip of cardboard (I always save cereal boxes for this) a few times so that a leaf template will fit. Then cut along the outline of the template. This method is a great way to cut multiple leaves at a time and works best with thinner papers. The hardest part to cut is the stems.

I think I need to use Cass as a hand model more often, just look at those nails, I do love the oak leaf template! Punch two holes in each leaf. We put ours near to the stems of the leaves,

Wrap washi tape around the end of the hemp twine to make it easier to thread but you could also use floral wire or yarn and a large eye needle.

Then thread the twine up the first hole from behind and out the other.

Keep on going adding more leaves until you have the length you require.

If you don’t have a hole punch then you could simply tape the leaf to the twine. I love how this gorgeous garland looks in my living room over the fire.

Simple Autumnal Paper Leaf Garland with Free Printable - Download your free leaf printable and follow our step by step instructions to make your own.

You could also add some berries or make a smaller wreath and use it as a centerpiece for the table or as a candle holder. In fact, I have so many craft ideas which feature beautiful fall leaves as their focal point.  Something really magical happens in October when the leaves all start to change colour.  It is a wonderful sight to see, but I have used paper and cardboard leaves as I don’t have the patience to wait for the trees to shed their beautiful leaves.

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