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How to make simple paper roses and beautiful roses for Mothers Day

I love Mother’s Day.  Yes it might be overly commercial, but it is a wonderful reminder for us all that Mothers are amazing.  Plus with two little boys in the house that love giving and making cards and gifts it is the perfect opportunity for them to express their creativity.

simple paper roses square

As much as I adore homemade flowers such as our beautiful cake case daffodils, nothing beats the simple rose.

mothers day flowers

I was sent some beautiful old fashioned David Austin Roses from Debenhams Flowers (yes I too had no idea Debenhams did flowers) and they are divine.  So much so we are getting the MIL’s Mothers Day flowers from them.

Debenhams flowers are exceptionally good value and to make it even more so they have given me an exclusive code for 25% off to share with you, my lovely readers and yes there is still time to organise a flower delivery before Sunday 15th March.



(this pic is by Annie at Mammasuarus as I managed to delete all the images I took on my camera, the top image is off my phone!)

How to make a simple paper Rose

However, I thought I would also share how to make paper roses with you, as it is soooooooo simple and they look fab.  Plus they last forever!

How to make simple paper roses

paper rose on greed

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  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • CD or plate to draw around


Draw a circle on some coloured paper and then using scissors create a spiral with it.

paper roses tutorial 1

For smaller children draw the spiral in pencil before getting them to follow the line and cut it.

paper roses tutorial 2

Once cut start rolling the spiral from the outside in.  To secure use a glue dot or a glue gun with hot glue

It really is as simple as that!

fancy edged paper rose

You can make the red roses more fancy by cutting the outside edge with a pair of decorative scissors.  We had a go with four different pairs and at cutting the spiral thinner and thicker to create different styles of roses.

how to make simple paper roses

This is fab fine motor activity for kids of all ages.  For younger kids just make the circles and spcirals larger and make the smaller for older ones.  They look amazing made from red paper, but would also look equally as good from pages of a book.

paper roses

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How to make a simple paper Rose

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