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Simple ways to save money this summer and still have fun

The endless summer days are often a real challenge on a family budget. When you have the children around all day they can be lots of additional expenses and as soon as you go out then that can be even harder on the pocket. So I want to share my simple ways to save money this summer whilst still having fun.

Simple ways to save money this summer

Just because you are keeping an eye on the pennies doesn’t mean that life has to be less fun. It isn’t about having less, in fact, it is often about having the freedom to have more. It just takes a little planning and preparation.

I find that small things often make the biggest changes.

Simple ways to save money this summer

Always take your own drinks

Often the most expensive things when you are out for the day or any length of time is drinks. Not just coffee or tea but water and soft drinks. However, it isn’t always fun to take your own. So I make sure that we all have fabulous water bottles and cups. We even have a fabulous selection of flasks in various sizes and patterns. I am a recent convert to the metal flask bottles. I got one from Tesco and have been amazed and how cool it keeps drinks. The ice stays for 12 hours and ice is one of my tricks. I find that children are more than happy to drink homemade drinks as long as they have ice!

Save this summer

Pack a picnic where possible

Now it doesn’t have to be a full-on picnic hamper filled with flash food. One of our favourite picnics is a food flask filled with warm hotdogs. I then take sliced buns and some ketchup and et voila we have hot dog buns! I am also a big fan of wraps for picnics and fruit.

Drink Tap water when you eat out

Soft drinks are so expensive, so I always ask for a jug of iced tap water if we eat out. I think it is to do with pouring the water into glasses but my boys’ never complain.

Take snacks

If it isn’t possible to take a picnic then make sure that you pop some snacks in your bag. Especially for cinema trips and such. It is so much cheaper!

Arrange a summer kids clothing swap

This is something that I wish I had known about when my boys were younger. Children grow so fast and often only wear summer things for a few months.

Some church groups and play groups have regular clothing swaps, but if you can not find one near you why not organise your own.

The endless summer days are a real challenge on a family budget, so make sure you check out these simple ways to save money this summer and still have fun.

I also have some great ideas on activities that are free for the kids this summer.

What do you do to make the long summer break more affordable? I would love to know, so please leave me a comment and let me know.

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