Simply Swimwear Review – Boys wetsuits 2


I am something of a pushy mum when it comes to sun cream and therefore love these wet suits from Simply Swim.  We have had full neoprene shorty wet suits for the boys in the past and they are hard to put on and the boys would whinge at wearing them, but they are great for staying warmer and more covers in the north sea and sun.

These wet suits are different in that they have the neoprene, but also have Lycra inserts, making them really easy for the boys to put on themselves and they both love them.

I was starting to despair that we would have no sun this summer to be able to review these for you. but finally the sun has come out and so have our supersoakers!

These shorty wet suits are £18.50 each and will see them throughout the summer.  The service we received was suburb as the first ones they sent were the wrong ones, so we received a paid return label and the replacements by return.  They are much less restrictive that the full neoprene ones, so your children will be more comfortable in them and I like how they cover more of them up than just trunks or swim shorts.  Yes they will keep them warm in the sea (not as warm as traditional wet suits), but they are also easy to rinse out.

They certainly didn’t slow them down with the supersoakers.  Now I must get a water pistol for myself!