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My Small Stuff – April

April showers, make may flowers.  I hope this is the case.  April in The Mad House was filled full of the joys of an Easter holiday which meant a visit to the Chill Factore and also a brilliant day out with friends at FlamingoLand (review to follow).

Aprils small stuff

We have made the most of the good weather to replace the raised beds in the garden and add more.  We have also been testing out a Karcher Pressure washer, well I say we, but mostly MadDad has been using it to clean the car, patios and water butts!

We have also spent rather a lot of time outside on scooters, playing football and cricket and Mini helped out at GrandPa’s farm for a day too.

It seems looking back that April was full of cake, at home where we made easter nests, easter eggs and various other cakes and also at Blog Camp.

We have been practicing our magical abilities thanks to Innocent and their magic circle.  If you want to join in then #innocentmagic tricks are on the back of the packets of all of the innocent Kids juices.

We received a package of shreddies with a special knitted coat by the knitting nanas!

April was also filled with crafting.  I have been playing with the New Circut Explore, so have the boys.  We have also been busy making cards and the pompom maker made an appearance again!

April wouldnt be complete without Easter parties, paste eggs, bonnets and fun with family, so we managed to squeeze all that in too.

In fact April has been a brilliant month.  I hope yours has too.

If you want to join in, then feel free to grab my badge and add yourself to the link below.

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