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The Small Stuff – October Edition

Wow what an October it was.  The mildest one I can remember and we had a great time even through all the sickness that plagued us during the month, however, as always the small stuff is what made it a month to remember.


We started our month with an epic trip to London with Superbreak, in fact it was the best family weekend we have ever had in London.  We saw the poppies at the Tower, saw the amazing Matilda, visited the Art of Brick and stuffed ourselves silly!

It was also filled with lots of outside activity including testing Elektra Skateboards which are a total bargain at £20 and nd a water fight, yes a water fight in October.  Sunday football is in full swing and Maxi’s team are showing that despite being up a league they are a great players and better than they they are fair players.

We sent October using our crockpot slowcooker in celebration of #Crocktober and I have to say that there is nothing nicer than knowing the meal for the day is going to be all ready when we are with minimal effort

We have crafted our hearts ou and done lots of art together too.  I think the later nights and our rule of screen free at 6pm means that we have time for creative pursuits.  Maxi tried lino cutting for the first time and loved it and Mini had his first go with a glue gun making our Halloween wreath.

Speaking of Halloween we had a blast at my SIL’s and brothers spooky fireworks party, which we took the boys best friends too.  Even I entered in to the spirit and turned my hair into a spider.

We have also spent some of half term redecorating and Mini decided that he still loved his London theme and the fab Jannie Maisels provided him with one of her framed signed London Prints, which at only £29.99 are a bargain for a framed print and are beautiful.

I also managed not to break my heart when my kitchen shelves came off the wall and broke a lot of my treasures.  It was a good reminder that they are just things and it is people that matter.

The Mad House

So now it is your turn.  Come and share with me your small stuff.  The little things that make a big difference.

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