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Something for the half-term holidays – let your kids become an Animal Champion!

February half-term is just around the corner, which means a number of parents are frantically searching for a various action-packed activities suited to the entire family. 

Giving parents the perfect option to keep the kids entertained while teaching them vital life lessons, the RSPCA is launching their Animal Champion campaign – the perfect antidote the humdrum nature of half-term.


A lesson worth learning

Those who have pets at home will already know how important it is to care for animals. Aside from showing them love and affection, caring for an animal comes with plenty of responsibility and requires owners to ensure the safety and health of their pet.

Animals need consistent exercise, must be fed throughout the day and groomed on a regular basis. It can be hard work having a pet but the love received in return is certainly worth the effort and this is what the RSPCA wants to reinforce.

Animal Champion Logo

Become an RSPCA Animal Champion

Not all animals are fortune enough to have a happy home and that is one of the reasons for the RSPCA Animal Champion scheme.

The animal charity hopes to encourage children to become a champion to teach them a number of important lessons when it comes to caring for animals and provide parents with an easy way to keep them occupied over the holidays.

What’s involved?

To sign up, parents will need to apply for an RSPCA Animal Champion toolkit. You can sign up for this online and it costs just £15 to do so. Inside the kit, you’ll find a challenge checklist poster, a number of video updates and a choice of several challenges.

Prior to beginning these challenges, it’s important to sit down with the kids and help them choose five of their favourite ones. These challenges can be completed both inside and outside and involve the likes of baking cakes, becoming a detective for the day and organising an animal themed sleepover.

There’s even one fundraising challenge to embark on for those who want to help raise money for this worthy animal charity.

Rewards for all

Children who complete five challenges will receive their very own special award and certificate, which of course should take pride of place on their bedroom wall. Aside from being presented with a certificate that proves they’re a fully-fledged Animal Champion, this fun-filled scheme is a great way to teach your children the differences between right and wrong when it comes to properly caring for animals.

This training will hopefully encourage them to teach their friends and family similar morals in the future; spreading the word about animal care far and wide.

Visit the RSPCA website for more information on the work of this great charity and for details on how to help your kids become an Animal Champion. The Animal Champion scheme is open to children between the ages of 6 and 12 years and costs £15 per pack/child. The closing date for applications is February 12.








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