Something for the weekends 33

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Weekends are often busy, filled with things to do and places to go for most families, but I also want them to be a time where you can create as a family and make the most of each other.  With this in mind I have decided to run a weekly post on a friday featuring fun, fabulous and simple ideas for a creative family weekend.

These will be seasonal ideas of simple things that you can fit into your frenetic family life along with homework, movies, birthday parties, shopping and everything else a busy parent does.

I will give you a list of materials needed (most of which you will be able to find around the house or supermarket) and then some inspiration of what to do with them and hopefully help you fill your weekend with less #screenfree time.

But I need your help with this.  I would like to know the type of things you would like to see.  Do you want arts and craft, cooking, baking, ideas for outdoor play or a selection of all?

I do not want to make life more complicated but to encourage you to enjoy the simple things in life and slow down.  I want to encourage us all to put down our mobile phones and to be the change we want to see in our children.

I am not looking to make life more busy, but to help you find a balance and inspiration.  I want to encourage our children to not reach for their screens at the first sign of boredom.

So what do you think?

Are you up for reestablishing the connection with your children, for being a child again and having some fun?

Are you ready for something for the weekend?