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A space party for an out of this world parents evening

It was parents evening at the school this week.  Safe to say we walked out of the school with the biggest grins on our faces.  Mini’s conference was exceptional and he is coming on in leaps and bounds and his English work is fab (probably down to all the reading he does).  Maxi is too steaming ahead, but we are going to have to have a conversation about effort as at the moment he is applying minimum effort to get the desired outcome (Hey I guess that is a typical eight year old boys thing).


So we invited the boys friends to celebrate with them thanks to Birds Eye’s new Chicken Space Shapes.  This was a real treat for my home cooked boys, who could not remember the last time they had chicken nuggets let alone space shaped ones made from 100% chicken breast!

So thanks to Birdseye for supplying the space things and vouchers to feed my gang and their friends.    You can find out more about them on the Birds Eye facebook page and yes we had empty plates!

But thanks to the Minimads for doing well at school.  I hope that I always come out of parents evenings feeling such pride.


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