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Speech Therapy Assesment

The eldest Minimad was born with a tongue tie which didn’t go until he was 5 months old and it has caused him to have issues with the F sound, so the preschool referred him to a speech therapist.
This morning was his assessment at home and she asked him to sound out lots of words, to try and isolate where he had any issues.
He can sound it out at the end and middle of a word, but not at the beginning, so she is going to send us details of some fun exercises we can do over the holidays and see him once he enters Reception class this September.
I think we all want what is best for our children and I was so relived to hear that he has fantastic language and vocabulary and that she really has no concerns at all.
He did the exercise with her and then disappeared to play games with Grandma Mad and the youngest Minimad, whilst she explained all this to me and then as we were finishing up she put her arm on my shoulder and told me she had had a mastectomy two years ago and asked how I was getting on. I don’t want peoples sympathy and hadn’t told her of my issues – although I haven’t got my prosthetics on (not many people notice or if they do they are too polite to say).
She told me that you could feel the love I have for my children from the moment she walked in the house and that I should cherise everyday as they grow up far too soon. How wonderful to have a virtual stranger come in and say that to you. I have tears in my eyes.