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Anyone who knows me will confirm that I love hot chocolate season and do not need an excuse to make hot chocolate and I have passed my love on to the kids.  However, these hot chocolates are strictly for the adults.  So make the most of the dark, cold nights and try my spectacular spiked hot chocolate three ways or if you are feeling generous then leave out the booze and let the kids join in.

Spiked hot chocolate

I am partnering 31Dover to bring you with these fantastic spiked hot chocolates.  Have you heard of 31Dover?  They are the UK’s leading to your door drinks provider. They stock the best drinks at the best prices (backed by a price match guarantee) and deliver them to your doorstep the very next day.

I tested their pic “n” mix selection for my spiked hot chocolate three ways and it was great value.  Just pick the three miniatures that you want and they arrived the next day in a smart black gift box.

31Dover pick n mix

We also got one of there Rubix chocolate wine gift boxes for a special someone with a love of chocolate and wine, although now the husbeast has seen it I am not sure it will make it out of the house!

Spiked hot chocolate

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There is something special about a fantastic hot chocolate.  Something decadent about making one from scratch and savouring it. So before I move on to the alcohol, let’s talk about making the perfect hot chocolate mix.

Ultimate hot chocolate Mix

  • 200g dark chocolate finely grated
  • 100g milk chocolate finely grated
  • 50g Horlicks
  • 50g cornflour
  • 100g  icing sugar
  • 50g  cocoa
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 pinch sea salt

I tend to chill my chocolate before grating it.  Now I chill it and bung it all in the maximix!  yes it is a simple as that and then add to a jar.

Add 4/5 tablespoons of this per mug of milk and warm slowly on the stove.

Additions and variations:
• A pinch of chilli powder
• A split vanilla pod
• A cinnamon stick
• Crushed seeds from split cardamom pods
• A little instant espresso powder for a hot mocha
• Use half milk and half water for a lower-fat drink, a;though why, I ask why!
• A spoonful of nutella
• Use Maya gold chocolate, sprinkle with orange zest
• Use half mint chocolate and half dark chocolate, finish with an After Eight mint
• • Top with a little grated chocolate or a couple of marshmallows.

Kitchen secret: whisking the hot chocolate and adding the milk in stages, followed by the cream, gives a frothy finish. The combination of chilled whipped cream on top and steamy hot chocolate below is a winner.

Tequila spiked vanilla hot chocolate

Tequila Spiked hot chocolate

Oh this is a delicious variation, I used Patron Anejo Tequila, which has a vanilla baseline.  To compliment this, I added a vanilla pod as a stirrer – I just split it slightly.

I decided to go all out with these spiked hot chocolates, they are for celebrations after all and topped this delicious Tequila spiked vanilla hot chocolate with whipped cream and Cloud Nine pistachio and white chocolate marshmallows and grated dark chocolate.  These marshmallows were a HUGE hit with the minimads.

Tequila spiked vanilla hot chocolate

Jack Daniel’s spiked hot chocolate

Jack Daniels spiked hot chocolate

Jack Daniel’s is my spirit of choice.  I love it neat over ice or even with coke and this Jack Daniel’s spiked hot chocolate is warming and decadent. When making your hot chocolate add a cinnamon stick and a pinch of fresh nutmeg.

Top with whipped cream and Cloud Nine Spiced Cranberry and Chocolate marshmallows and grated dark chocolate, then sit back and enjoy.

Jack Daniel's spiked hot chocolate

Toffee fudge spiked hot chocolate

toffee fudge spiked hot chocolate

This hot chocolate is a must for any salted caramel fans.  The amazing toffee fudge vodka perfectly complements the delicious hot chocolate and I topped this with fresh whipped cream, salted caramel peanut marshmallows, caramel sauce and grated dark chocolate.   This really is a hug in a mug, with a delightful kick!

toffee fudge spiked hot chocolate

Do you have a favorite combination for your spiked hot chocolate?  Do let me know in the comments.  My simple go to is often Baileys and hot chocolate.

spiked hot chocolate


spiked hot chocolate 3 ways